From our Cellar to your Couch

Apr 6, 2020

From our Cellar to your Couch

From our cellar to your couch

Today on the 7th April 2020 we are proud to be living in South Africa.

Proud to be a family winery with a long tradition of family values.

We have no idea how the rest of our lives will look like but we know that our deep-rooted care for our staff, suppliers, and customers will remain in the middle of all decisions we take.

We can confirm that none of our staff have yet been affected by the COVID-19 virus. All our staff are at home and have retained their incomes for now. A few have taken well-deserved leave, whilst the rest of us are working hard behind the scenes to introduce to you the new Delheim once the lockdown has been lifted and the storm has cleared.

We are waiting for our export orders to be shipped to Europe – meant to leave on 27 March. We trust that our hiccup will be short-lived.

The only grapes still to be harvested are our Riesling, waiting patiently for noble rot. We have tasted through the 2020 vintages and are very happy to report that we have a superb vintage in the cellar.

Please bear with us as we navigate these uncertain times, but know that you all contribute to the wellbeing of our staff, our wines and our business as a whole which, impacts the communities around us.


We have also assisted the Stellenbosch Tourism and Wine Route board in their collaborative aid action purposed to provide social support to vulnerable Stellenbosch communities during this pandemic. Stellenbosch Unite has been registered

The time is now to reflect on our actions and relationships in a world filled with fear and the unknown.

Take care,

Nora Thiel